Okay, we know sometimes new technology can seem a little daunting to say the least. So, have a quick look at some of the information here, it may help. If not, or you have any further questions, then just call us on 01285 861861 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

So just call us. 01285 861861 and we promise to try to be as helpful as we can! 

All of our refurbishments now have ‘antiskip’ technology. This simply means you can drive on any public road surface and enjoy uninterrupted playback of your CD’s and MP3 CDR’s

Brand new technology means we can give you a full two years warranty against and product failure. As well as, unlimited telephone tech help.

Each unit now has a vastly improved sound output. The original Figaro radio had a 7Watt amplifier built in. After refurbishment this is replaced with a 50Watt ‘High Power’

Clarion amplifier (The 3). The 1 & 2 are 45Watts each.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® connectivity (The 2, 3 & 3+ only)

Simply connect using a USB for direct and complete control of your iPod. In addition, the centre unit has been designed to be compatible with iPhone and has been certified as ”Made for iPhone”. The communication and entertainment capabilities of your iPhone can therefore be integrated into your car’s audio system.

* To connect an iPod, please use the USB cable included with your iPod.

Electric Blue

(with Blue Buttons, Optional)

Ambient Amber

Sample colours Green, Amber, Blue or Neutral White *Model Options Vary by Level*

So have a look at some of the things we have added below!

Casio Green

(with Green Buttons)

Neutral White

(with Green Buttons)

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The built-in DAB+ tuner is compatible with DAB and DAB+ radio broadcasts offering CD-quality audio with more purity and reduced noise compared to analogue. The latest functions, such as service listing in alphabetical order, are supported.

*Uses original aerial (no additional DAB aerial required).